Computer Graphics

I've used computer graphics to generate images for a couple of decades. Mostly I've used relatively simple packages to generate engineering drawings, or block diagrams. Occasionally, I've used more sophisticated software to produce images that were more involved, or that rendered three-dimensional scenes.

Recently, I downloaded the latest version of my favorite 3-D CGI program, Pov-Ray, which simulates the whole photoimaging environment, complete with light sources, cameras, and objects to see. What makes this system most interesting is that it allows the artist to create virtually any conceivable object, set it up anywhere and in any arrangement, and "photograph" it at will.

With this new version of Pov-Ray, I started with an imaginary object, a custom-motorcycle front wheel, that I'd created some years ago using a previous version, and updated it using some of the newer program features, and making it more appealing using ideas I'd learned through practice.

After updating the wheel image, I devised a simple scene consisting of two chrome-plated cones surrounded by a rich background, just to gain practice. The resulting images came out stunningly beautiful, and I decided to start incorporating the technique into my overall portfolio. The finished hardcopy works are printed on a variety of fixed large-format media.

Purchasing CGI art directly from the artist