Purchasing Computer Graphic Images Directly From the Artist

I generate CGI art using ray-tracing software that creates a simulated alternate reality existing only in the computer, then “photographs” scenes in this alternate reality using a simulated ultra-high-resolution camera. I then print out the captured image in large format on aluminum, which replicates the brilliant color of the original scene.

The scene thus appears in three forms during the process: the alternate-reality original scene described by commands in the original programing language; the ultra-high-resolution image file captured by the alternate-reality camera; and the physical artifact finally produced on the aluminum plate. Any of these can be preserved, but, to make my images unique works of art, I destroy the originals of all but the final physical artifact.

Only that physical artifact is available for sale directly from the artist. To purchase CGI artwork, send an email inquiry to CGI@cgmasi.com. Payment can be made via PayPal, electronic funds transfer, or paper check. Upon payment, I will print out the image, ship it directly to you, and destroy the electronic image file.

One advantage of this process is that it is entirely possible to commission entirely new, unique works of art based on modified versions of images I have already created. Choose one of the existing works, and suggest the modifications you would like, or even suggest an entirely new scene! I will then email low-resolution drafts that will show exactly the colors and compositions for approval before the image is finalized. Once you are satisfied with the image, send your payment, and I will generate the physical artifact in the size you require.

Price Schedule

18” x 24” aluminum plate mounted to stand 1” from wall.........$500

36” x 48” aluminum plate mounted to stand 1” from wall.......$1,500

Other sizes ...............................................................Price on Request