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Technology Communications for Developers

Whether you're a Fortune 500 firm or a start-up company, C.G. Masi Technology Communications can help you produce high quality technical communications that are clear, readable, and understandable.

Feature Articles
Whether you need a technology trends article or a product overview, we can deliver a complete editorial package, including writing, illustrations, tables, and figures. Given our extensive contacts throughout the high-technology trade press, we can also help you develop abstracts and outlines and then place them in appropriate publications.

Having been editors and publishers ourselves, we know how to present your work in a way that is most likely to get a positive response. In fact, editors often like to know that C.G. Masi is part of the project because they know that we understand their publication's particular needs, as well as those of the author.

Newsletters & Company Publications
Many companies often want to spin-off a regular newsletter covering news and developments in which they feel their customers have an interest. We can develop a complete editorial package, including opinion columns, regular departments, feature articles, and product coverage for your specialty newsletter. We will deliver the complete package, including text, tables, and figures, electronically to your printing company, and can even arrange to deliver your company publication via print, email, or the Internet.

The service will provide developers of hardware, software, and services with a flexible approach to delivering information about their offerings to customers and prospects. The Corporate Newsletter Publishing Service is a comprehensive package that includes creation of quality editorial content, high-impact graphic design, and a choice of delivery mechanisms, including Web site (HTML), PDF files, or hard copy. For more information, contact Charlie Masi at +1-630-892-1579 or e-mail cgmasi@cgmasi.com.

White Papers
We can also help when you need an in-depth treatment of a particular science or technology topic. Whether the white paper will be distributed to customers or to key personnel, we will write and deliver a complete package that includes writing, illustrations, tables, and figures.

Conference Papers
When you need to produce a high quality paper for a technical conference, call C.G. Masi. Whether the topic is artificial intelligence or PID control loops, we are able to get to the heart of the matter and produce a detailed technical paper that includes writing, illustrations, tables, and figures. We can also help you develop an associated presentation that clearly and compellingly summarizes the most important points.

Technology Consulting
Because we see so many technology trends and innovations, companies often ask us to work with them as they develop product strategies. These products vary considerably depending on the client's requirements. Please feel free to call and discuss what you have in mind. Check out our Technology Trends Library for a sampling of the topics we cover.

Special Projects
If you have a special project in mind that is not covered in the above, please call +1-630-892-1579 or e-mail cgmasi@cgmasi.com to discuss it. We can probably help. If not, we may be able to direct you to someone who can.

Working with C.G. Masi
All projects are done on a pre-negotiated fee basis so that you know how much your project will cost ahead of time. Projects are generally contracted individually based on the amount of work anticipated.

All work is guaranteed to meet your exacting requirements. Manuscript packages will be delivered in a timely fashion per your requirements and will be complete. Any deficiencies will be corrected immediately. If the deficiencies cannot be corrected within your deadlines, your fee will be returned. After producing over 200 manuscripts, we have never had to return a fee!

Request further information on our technology communication services.


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