The Type A Attack Angle Sensor VI applies the required calibration factors and offsets to compute the wind stream's true attack angle.

The supplied Type A Sensor VI computes the true attack angle with respect to the sensor's neutral plane. Written in National Instruments' LabVIEW 6i®, the VI will run on most data acquisition systems. Users can easily integrate it into their own data acquisition application software, or they can run it independently from its own software front panel.

The standard sensor package provides nominal calibration factors and offsets based on Masi Aviation's development-test results. Users can also purchase fully calibrated units (available fourth quarter 2003) or calibrate their units in their own wind tunnel.

In addition to the sensor's attack angle output, the VI also provides an airspeed estimate. Since this airspeed estimate is sensitive to air density and yaw as well as angle of attack, it cannot be used as an accurate airspeed indicator without keying in the local barometric pressure and temperature.

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