The Type A enclosure provides slots for mounting the electronics
The Type A enclosure consists of a die-cast aluminum case with a flanged lid that provides slots for mounting to an airframe, wind-tunnel support or other electrically grounded mechanical support. This case provides high immunity to all forms of electronic interference, including RFI, low-frequency EMI and lightning.

Bolting the unpainted mounting flange to the airframe provides a direct electrical path for static discharge, while continuing the shield through the (supplied) four-pin connector's shell to the cable shield protects power and signal lines. This shield system forms a Faraday cage around the internal electronics to completely isolate the system from all forms of EMI all the way back to the user's data acquisition input.

Signal and power electronics are all referenced to a separate neutral line, which floats with respect to the EMI shield. A robust DC-DC power supply conditions any 10-24 Vdc power source, maintaining the correct transducer voltage while filtering out noise spikes, ripple and EMI conducted through the source supply lines.

The transducers provide 1-6 Vdc (single-ended) analog outputs, making additional signal conditioning unnecessary. The outputs (referenced to the power source negative terminal) can connect directly to the analog inputs of virtually any data acquisition card or module.

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