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Selling Art Online

23 March 2017 - Just so's you know, I've managed to make my whole catalog of original fine art available online through Internet art purveyor Saatch Art. It's not everything I've ever done, but it does include all paintings I've done since coming to Florida and a bit more. There are a total of 56 artworks in the catalog.

Wendy MC
Wendy's Bike is one of fifty-six artworks by C.G. Masi for sale online. Many, including this one, are available as poster-prints or giclees.

Many of these artworks are available as open-edition prints or giclees (full-size prints on stretched canvas). In fact, some, specifically a range of CGI-created pieces, are available only as posters or giclees.

The way this works is, you go online to Saatch Art's website, and peruse the images. Assuming you fall in love with one of those paintings (How could you resist?), you buy it online. The gallery contacts me, and I get together with my handy-dandy art mover to pack the painting up, and ship it to you. I don't get paid until it gets delivered.

Similarly for posters and glicees. The only difference being that Saatch Art takes care of the reproduction and shipping.

We're still working on the system to integrate online and traditional gallery sales. In the past, there's been no way to combine the two selling methods. Galleries, of course, don't want paintings hanging on their walls to be simultaneously available online. You'd run into problems where somebody decided to buy online, whether they've seen it in the gallery or not. Then, the artist has to take the thing back from the gallery and ship it to the collector. That makes a hole in the gallery's display, and cheats them out of their commission. It's unpleasant for everyone, so gallery rules don't allow it.

The way we'll eventually solve the problem is to stop online sales when a painting is being shown in a gallery. There are still some details to iron out, but that wrinkle should be taken care of in the next few weeks. At that point, it should be possible for me to start showing at brick-and-mortar galleries again.

In the meantime, the only place to buy my art is through Saatchi.