It turns out that I tend to think in four dimensions. That is, I visualize in the three dimensions of conventional space, but generally find those images moving in time, as well. So, I'm a lot more comfortable dreaming up ideas for mobiles than statues. Not that I've never made a static scupture, but always find that there's something missing: movement. Mobiles, if they're properly constructed, exhibit that movement, more importantly, a chaotic movement powered and governed by the random movements of air. Just like things in real life, they move about driven by the chaos that fills the Universe.

I've decided to call my current crop of mobiles Imagination Required. The title fits because I'm designing them without modeling them after something else. It's quite enough to create a bunch of interesting shapes, and pile them up in such a way that they balance, and move about in interesting ways. The result is something that typically reminds the viewer of something, but what it reminds them of depends on what's going on in their minds, not mine. Hence, to properly understand these pieces requires you to imagine what they look like to you, not me, or the person standing next to you. They likely will remind you of something different tomorrow than they do today, and that's good! That's the way it's supposed to be.

Click on the image to see a video clip of the object in motion.