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I work at the interface between perception and reality.

Actually, all artists work at the interface between perception and reality. The difference, if any, is that I work explicitly at the interface between perception and reality. I don't try to kid you into thinking that what you are experiencing is reality in any way, shape or form. Neither is it any kind of more-or-less abstract representation of reality. I'm not creating reality, I'm creating perception.

The artist creates an object (whether it's a book, a painting, a sculpture, a mobile, or a serving of eggs Benedict) that exists in reality. When you experience that object, what you percieve is something entirely different, which exists only in your mind. It does not, and may never have, existed in reality.

That is subjective reality.

Objective reality isn't.

In subjective reality, your mind creates a perception guided by the vision of the artist. The work of art is successful insofar as the object the artist created leads you to the perception he or she intended.

Usually, what I intend is to guide you to a pleasant perceptual experience.

Have a pleasant perceptual experience!

C.G. Masi
July, 2012

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