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Tossed on a stormy sea, a Sixteenth Century Spanish treasure ship wrecks on Florida's Gulf Coast. Desperate, the officers and crew attempt to carry two tons of silver coins overland to safety.

They never get there.

Instead, they are attacked by their dreaded Calusa Indian enemies led by a powerful shaman-chief. Terrified, the sailors drop boxes and boxes of coins, and run for their lives!

Nearly five centuries later, the land is treatened by developers who want to buy it, bulldoze the jungle and build condominiums. The shaman-chief's ghost doesn't like that. He's been haunting the place all this time, and doesn't want noisy neighbors.

What's a poor ghost to do?

Help suddenly appears in the form of a young professional couple, who love to spend their spare time walking and communing with nature in that very place. They don't want to see the place developed, either.

The ghost hatches an elaborate plan to lead the couple to the treasure so they can out-bid the developers, and set up a nature preserve.

Watch this space for progress as we make this hilarious paranormal comedy. Coming to a screen near you in the Fall of 2015.


Studio 127

Cast and Crew


Bonnie Gainsborough

Prana Songbird

Prana is Bonnie Pureheart! The character Bonnie Gainsborough charms the Calusa warrior-shaman's ghost with her pure love of the land he haunts. Her desire to turn back the tide of development by creating a nature preserve convinces the Golden Ghost to trust her with the treasure he's been sitting on for five centuries.


Ronnie Gainsborough

Isaiah Leonard

Ronnie Gainsborough's business sense and entrepreneurial drive solve the practical problems of recovering two tons of Spanish silver coins that have been sunk in the swamp for five centuries, converting them into enough Twenty-First Century wealth to outbid a gang of rapacious condominium developers, and then create a nature preserve with hiking trails and educational exhibits open to everybody who loves the land. In the end, fulfilling his wife Bonnie's dream, and making Florida safe for the shaman's ghost.


Calusa Shaman-Chief

Tim Albright

Nobody fits the role of the Calusa warrior-shaman -- and his ghost -- better than veteran entertainer Tim Albright. The warrior-shaman's patience guarding the land for ... forever ... meets its toughest test when developers threaten to bulldoze his beloved swamp to build high-rise condominiums. Not one to panic, the wiley ghost waits and watches until, just in the nick of time, he overhears Bonnie talking about how she, too, would like to save it. He realizes that between her pure heart and Ronnie's practical sense, all they need is enough wealth to fund the project. And, the ghost still has that treasure those stupid Spaniards threw away when they ran!


Erasmus Lockwood, Ph.D.

C.G. Masi

Scientist, educator and multimedia artist C.G. Masi knows how to explain dry facts to bright young minds. As Erasmus Lockwood, Ph.D., archeologist extraordinaire, he pieces together the puzzle that the shaman's ghost has posed for Ronnie and Bonnie. With his encyclopedic knowledge of southwest-Florida prehistory, he is able to connect the dots the ghost has laid out for his human collaborators. With a single coin and hints in a few photographs, he realizes that Bonnie and Ronnie's discovery sheds light on an ancient mystery, and points directly to the treasure.


Spanish Captain

John Paeno

Faced with a desperate situation -- a shipwrecked crew, surrounded by hostile natives, and saddled with a treasure they don't dare come home without -- the Spanish Captain's steady leadership and knowledge of geography provide the only hope the shipwreck survivors have of reaching safety.


Spanish Officer

Miles Christian-Hart

As a proud conquistadore, the Spanish Officer knows his responsibility: get the two tons of newly minted silver coins he has been entrusted with to safety. Only his sense of duty and stubborn pride stand between the survivors' orderly trek to safety, and a disasterous rout into certain doom.


Executive Producer



C.G. Masi


Erik Krefeld

Technical Consultant

John Paeno
Jaspn McKinney

Craft Services

Jason McKinney